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Steem is a social blockchain that grows communities and makes immediate revenue streams possible for users by rewarding them for sharing content. It’s currently the only blockchain that can power real applications via social apps like Steemit.

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Steem Blockchain - the future of Cryptocurrency

Steem Accounts

Use the form to request a Steem account, provided by Witness c0ff33a - if your requested user name is not available you will be e-mailed with close alternatives. Accounts are set up by Witness c0ff33a and will provide a free short term starter Delegation of 50SP.

Steem Blogging

The Steem Blockchain offers cryptocurrency rewarded blogging via front ends , , or

Steem Monsters

The Steem Blockchain holds your information and game position for many games, like Steem Mosters a fantasy card based game where you can earn cards from winning matches and completing challenges - these cards can then be traded for Steem Cryptocurrency.

Drug Wars

Utilising the Steem Blockchain to store your account details, Drug Wars is a game of building your resources by generating units and investing them in new production facilities.

Next Colony

A space adventure game again utilising the Steem Blockchain to hold your progress, build up your planet base and then explore your galaxy in Next Colony

Steem Arena

This is an in development game with plenty of promise, sign up for updates at

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Steem Blockchain is Mobile

Access to the Steem Blockchain is simple on desktop or mobile

Partiko App

This mobile app on iOS or Android makes posting and replying to comments a breeze, and you generate in app points during normal activity that can be exchanged for post upvotes.

Actifit App

Actifit is fitness tracking on the Steem Blockchain, the app uses your mobile device fitness tracking to log your daily activity. At the end of the day you can post your activity to the Steem Blockchain and will receive an upvote from @actifit


eSteem (@eSteemapp) is the first mobile client for the Steem blockchain and further developed PC app to surf the Steem blockchain with superb features. eSteem products are open-source, it is the 9th most used Dapp on the Steem Blockchain with over 41,000 monthly transactions and over 1,900 unique users per Steemapps.

Full mobile browser support

Front ends like and are optimised for mobile and simple to use on the move

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c0ff33a Witness Work

Witness's on the Steem blockchain run servers that process the blockchain, and sign blocks of data at a frequency based on the Steem Power holding of their Witness Voters.

c0ff33a Witness Specifications

Primary Server 2 x Intel Xeon L5640 2.26ghz 6 core CPUs, 64gb Ram, 500gb SSD, 2TB storage. Back up Server 48gb Ram, 500gb SSD, 1.5TB Storage.

Community Support

As well as delegating to many community and user accounts, c0ff33a is active in many of Steem communities like Helpie, TheAlliance, SteemTerminal

Witness Activity

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Steem Account

Request a Steem account, these are registered by Witness c0ff33a resource credits, it will include a short term 50SP delegation to start you off. If your requested username is not available you will be e-mailed with alternatives.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is Steem?

How does Steemit differ from other social media websites?

While most social media sites extract this value for the benefit of their shareholders, Steemit believes that the users of the platform should receive the benefits and rewards for their attention and the contributions they make to the platform.

You can earn digital tokens on Steemit by: Posting - By sharing your posts, you can earn upvotes from community members. Depending on the upvotes you receive, you may get a portion of the "rewards pool". Voting and curating - If you discover a post and upvote it before it becomes popular, you can earn a curation reward. The reward amount will depend on the amount of Steem Power you have. Purchasing - Users can purchase STEEM or Steem Dollar tokens directly through their Steemit wallet using bitcoin, Ether, or BitShares tokens. They are also available from other markets and exchanges including Binance, Bithumb, BitShares, Bittrex, BlockTrades, Changelly, GOBADA, GOPAX, HitBTC, Huobi, LocalBitcoinCash, Poloniex,, UpBit, and Yensesa. Vesting - STEEM tokens that are powered up to Steem Power will earn a small amount of new tokens for holding.

The Steem network continually creates new digital tokens to reward content creators and curators. Some of the newly-created tokens are transferred to users who add value to Steem by posting, commenting, and voting on other people's posts. The remainder is distributed to holders of Steem Power and the witnesses that power the blockchain.

At its root, Steem is simply a points system. However, because this points system is blockchain-based, the points can be traded on markets as tokens. People buy and sell these tokens, and many hold in anticipation of increased purchasing power for various Steem-related services. By analogy, Steem is a game system where users compete for attention and rewards by bringing content and adding value to the platform. The rewards people earn are tokens that have market value and are readily tradable. It is similar to how someone playing a video game could obtain a limited item or currency by playing the game. If the currency or items are transferable between users, then they can sell or buy them on game item markets.

If you are willing to pay your own signup fee, then there are other ways to create a new account on the blockchain. There is a third-party tool called SteemCreate that accepts credit cards, or BTC to create a Steem account. You do not need to have an existing Steem blockchain account to use the service, but there is a charge on top of the blockchain account creation fee for using the service. There is a third-party tool called BlockTrades that accepts bitcoin, Litecoin, STEEM, SBD, BitShares, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and more to create a Steem account. You can also send extra tokens to pre-load the account with additional Steem Power. You do not need to have an existing Steem blockchain account to use the service, but there is a charge on top of the blockchain account creation fee for using the service. There is a third-party tool called AnonSteem that accepts bitcoin, Litecoin, STEEM, or SBD to anonymously create a Steem account. You do not need to have an existing Steem blockchain account to use the service, but there is a charge on top of the blockchain account creation fee for using the service. There is a third-party tool called SteemConnect that allows you to create accounts by paying or delegating the account creation fee. There is no additional fee to use the service, but does require an existing Steem blockchain account to pay the account creation fee to create the account.

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